1.  Yes  No   Allow trades during the season.
    • Trades would be allowed up until the end of January.
    • Any trades that took place during November, December, or January would go into affect at the end of the month in which the trade occurred.
    • January 31st would be the trading deadline, after that point, no trades would be allowed until the conclusion of the season.
    The down side of implementing this rule is that coaches could not play games ahead of the month in which their scheduled anymore.   Similarly, coaches would not be allowed to receive a one-month extension for playing a game for face-to-face (or netplay) purposes.   Basically, all games would need to be played during the month in which they are scheduled.
  2.  Yes  No   To enhance the value of defense, each APBA team will receive an NBA team defensive card instead of every APBA team using the standardized defensive card.   Right before the season starts, teams would be ranked based on their defensive abilities.   To do this, the top 10 players on each team, based on total minutes, would be used to calculate the team's overall defensive ability.   Each player's man-to-man defensive ratings (O, P, I & F) would be totaled.   For board game players, this is a player's X-Defensive ratings and the computer game rates players like this (a reading of blank = 6, a reading of 2-4 = 5, a reading of 2-5,11 = 4, a reading of 2-6,10 = 3, a reading of 2-7,10 = 2, a reading of 2-9 = 1, and a reading of 2-12 = 0).  Each team's top 5 players, based on total minutes, would have their defensive total multipled by 1.5 (to refect their greating playing time), and this total would be added to the defensive total of the team's next top 5 players, again based on playing time.   Once each team's overall defensive rating has been determined, teams would select which NBA team defensive card they want (after the computer game is released) from the highest total to the lowest.   Ties would be broken based on record from the previous season (with the team having a higher record in the previous season picking first).   If an additional tie breaker is needed, a coin flip would be used.
  3.  Yes  No   Allow teams to only protect 10 players (including inactives) prior to the Rookie/Free Agent draft every year.   Teams would still draft to 16 and cut down to 15 prior to the start of the season.   This rule would go into affect next summer.
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