Strat-O-Matic Basketball 2017

Strat-O-Matic Basketball 2017 is now available. Here’s the add from the game company.

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2016-17 Photo Packs

Two 2016-17 Photo Pack are now available for Strat-O-Matic Computer Basketball. Tom Nahigian created his photo pack using a collecton of action photos from basketball trading cards. Thanks Tom for your contribution!


Eddie Van Weele created his photo pack using face shots of each player. Thanks Eddie for your contribution to the basketball community!


Player Photos

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New Photo Packs: 2014-15, 1965-66, and 1967-68 ABA

Tom Nahigian has been kind enough to compile player photos for the three seasons releasing this fall (Thanks Tom!):

2014-15 NBA Players
1967-68 ABA Players
1965-66 NBA Players

You will find them under Downloads on the Main Menu, then select Players Photos.

Here is the link:

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Basketball Rating Guide

Stratometrics is releasing its latest basketball rating guide for the 2014-15 season. The rating guide does all the math for you so you do not have to. It offers shot columns calculations for outside, penetration, inside and fastbreak columns and includes the total number of foul chances in each category. It offers halfcourt and passing column points-per-pass values to help compare one passer from another.  Other important ratings are included in the rating guide to give you a quick guide to each player in the 2014-15 card set. To learn more about the rating guide, take a look at the following link:

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Total Card Values

The Total Card Values are now available for the 2014-15 season through Stratometrics. If you are looking for some subjective analysis to compare one card to another, than take a look at the Total Card Values. Each TCV file ranks each position from one on down by providing a TCV for each player. Z-scores are also provided to compare across positions since certain ratings are used differently from one position to another. Whether you are looking to better compete in your draft league or want to learn the values of different players in your solo projects, the TCV’s will give you a better understanding of Strat-O-Matic Basketball. For more information, take a look at the following link:

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Retro70 Openings

We are looking to fill a few teams in the Great Commission Retro Basketball Associaion (Retro70) for the 1973-74 season. We use both the NBA and ABA rosters in our 22-team league. New coaches will draft in dispersal draft from the below pool. The Retro70 allows 8-keepers before our rookie/free agent draft which allows for some deeper than your typical rookie drafts. Have an 82-game season over 5 blocks plus playoffs where you play your 41 home games and create 41 road gameplans. Netplay is optional in regular season and most of the playoffs except the finals and game 7’s (3’s in 3-game series, 5’s in 5-game), netplay can be waived if both parties agree. We use a games missed list before the schedule is created, have 110% player minutes and do not use a Use Them Or Loose Them rule since we only allow 8-keepers. Developing a league website for the league: Send me an email if you are interested. (support at somhoops dot com).

First Last – NBA
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – MIL
Don Adams – DET
Lucius Allen – MIL
Nate Archibald – KCO
Bob Arnzen – IND
Dick Barnett – NYK
Jim Barnett – GSW
John Beasley – UTA
Zelmo Beaty – UTA
Byron Beck – DEN
Henry Bibby – NYK
John Block – KCO
Bill Bridges – LAL
Roger Brown – IND
Joe Caldwell – CAR
Austin Carr – CLE
Fred Carter – PHI
Bill Chamberlain – PHX
Jerry Chambers – SAS
Don Chaney – BOS
Bob Christian – PHX
Archie Clark – CAP
Barry Clemens – CLE
Dick Cunningham – MIL
Louie Dampier – KEN
Jim Davis – DET
Dave DeBusschere – NYK
Randy Denton – MEM
Terry Driscoll – MIL
Joe Ellis – GSW
Scott English – VIR
Keith Erickson – PHX
Chris Ford – DET
Fred Foster – CLE
Walt Frazier – NYK
Donnie Freeman – IND
Rowland Garrett – CHI
Herm Gilliam – ATL
Gary Gregor – NYN
Happy Hairston – LAL
Joe Hamilton – KEN
Clem Haskins – PHX
Connie Hawkins – LAL
Elvin Hayes – CAP
Garfield Heard – BUF
Simmie Hill – SAS
Dan Issel – KEN
John Johnson – POR
Stew Johnson – SDC
Charlie Johnson – GSW
George Johnson – HOU
Larry Jones – PHI
Collis Jones – KEN
Toby Kimball – PHI
Don Kojis – KCO
Sam Lacey – KCO
Wendell Ladner – NYN
Stu Lantz – DET
Manny Leaks – CAP
Russell Lee – MIL
Goose Ligon – VIR
Gene Littles – CAR
Bob Love – CHI
Ed Manning – CAR
Jack Marin – BUF
Jon McGlocklin – MIL
Jim McMillian – BUF
Bill Melchionni – NYN
John Mengelt – DET
Earl Monroe – NYK
Rick Mount – UTA
Calvin Murphy – HOU
Lloyd Neal – POR
Bob Netolicky – IND
Tom Owens – CAR
Tommy Patterson – CAP
Mike Ratliff – KCO
Clifford Ray – CHI
Rich Rinaldi – CAP
Rick Roberson – POR
Marv Roberts – CAR
Flynn Robinson – SDC
Dave Robisch – DEN
John Roche – KEN
Curtis Rowe – DET
Cazzie Russell – GSW
Dale Schlueter – ATL
Charlie Scott – PHX
Al Smith – DEN
Willie Sojourner – NYN
Dave Stallworth – CAP
Bud Stallworth – SEA
Larry Steele – POR
Paul Stovall – SDG
Skeeter Swift – SAS
Brian Taylor – NYN
Ron Thomas – KEN
George Thompson – MEM
Nate Thurmond – GSW
George Trapp – DET
Dave Twardzik – VIR
Dick Van Arsdale – PHX
Jimmy Walker – KCO
Cornell Warner – MIL
Johnny Warren – CLE
Jim Washington – ATL
Jojo White – BOS
Lenny Wilkens – CLE
Nate Williams – KCO
Bernie Williams – VIR
Ron Williams – MIL
Joby Wright – MEM
Dennis Wuycik – CAR

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Register Your Basketball League

Strat-O-Matic will soon be launching a new league registry page on their website. I would encourage you to register  your basketball league to help get their word out there that there are Start basketball leagues out there and they are a lot of fun! For more information, please check out the following link:

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Computer Basketball 2013

Just a note to let all the basketball fans know that Strat-O-Matic Computer Basketball 2013 is now available. Use the following links to order one of the 2013 products:


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Computer Basketball New Features

Strat-O-Matic has announce the new features that will be available in version 2013. Check out the following article from Glenn Guzzo listing those new features:

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Now in their 24th season, the APBA, a Strat basketball league, is now hosting their league website at For more information about the league, check out their website:

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