1994-95 Strat Draft League ISO Coaches

Now in our first month of games in the 1994-95 season, the GGCBA (aka Classic80) has two orphan team after a couple of coaches dropped out of the league and are looking for someone to coach each team during the regular season and coaches. We are a 20-team draft league and our season starts September 1 and runs through May 10 each year. We allow 8-keepers heading into the rookie/free agent draft where we build back up to 15-player rosters. New coaches always draft their own roster through a pool of players from teams that do not return for the next season. We use a games missed list which allows for different lineups throughout the season. We are an active league with many league discussions and trades each season. Our two orphans rosters both have playoff potential. Team 1: Stockton, L.Johnson, Hawkins, Thorpe, Green, Gatling, Fox, Gill, Campbell, Benoit, Bonner, Pack, Threatt, Cheaney, and Reeves. Team 2: Strickland, Dumars, Drexler, Elliott, Willis, B.Williams, Askew, Cage, Ainge, Pinckney, Pierce, Lister, Schayes, Gr.Grant, and Pritchard. Would be great to find a coach that enjoys 1990’s Basketball!!!

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