Computer Basketball 2013

Just a note to let all the basketball fans know that Strat-O-Matic Computer Basketball 2013 is now available. Use the following links to order one of the 2013 products:


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  1. StickWillett says:

    Hey, new to this site, and new to the SOM Basketball Game. I got player photos and team courts uploaded thanks to you all but how does one upload Logos for the teams into this game? The game includes an empty file for logos but no instructions anywhere I can find that explains how to upload and insert into the game the specific Logo for each team. I have BMP files for all the current past and present team logos but can’t find any tab etc under team updates etc that requests team logo id numbers etc. I saw someone post a game screen that they use and it happened to have logos in it so I know it must be possible since all the other Strat PC games accepts logos……can anyone enlighten me here?

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