Orlando Magic Daily Following Sim Season

The Orlando Magic Daily is following the Strat-O-Matic/Basketball Prospectus Sim Season. Take a look at what they have to say:

Gilbert’s Revenge… In Sim Season (by Philip Rossman-Reich, 07 November 2011)

Magic Get “First Win” … Or Do They? (by Philip Rossman-Reich, 06 November 2011)

Magic “0-2” After “Loss” to Heat; News About Dwight’s All-Star Game (by Philip Rossman-Reich, 04 November 2011)

Magic Fall In “Opening Game” To Bobcats (by Philip Rossman-Reich, 03 November 2011)

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Sim Season: One Week in the Books

Basketball Prospectus Sim Season Sunday games (11-06-2011):


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Sim Season: This is All We Have

Basketball Prospectus Sim Season Saturday games (11-05-2011):


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Sim Season – Trouble in Big D

Basketball Prospectus Sim Season Friday Night (11-04-2011)……


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Sim Season – TNT Doubleheader: 11-03-2011

Check out the Sim Season games that were suppose to be part of the TNT Thursday night doubleheader:


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Sim Season Games: 11-02-2011

Here are some more Sim Season game recaps from 11-02-2011.


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15% Discount on V9 New

In light of  the sim season project, the game company has announced through twitter a 15% discount on version 9 of computer basketball (without card image option). Use the ork “Lockout” during checkout to receive the discount.

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Strat in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal reports the results of the opening night simulated games between the Lakers-Thunder, Mavs-Bulls, and Jazz-Rockets. To read the complete article, check out the following link:


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Player Photo Pack 2010-11

If you are looking for the 2010-11 player photo pack, go no further than our new Fan’s Guide at Somhoops.com. You will find it under Downloads/Player Photos using the drop down men or using this link:


Please limit your downloads to one or two a day to make sure we do not slam the system.

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Sim Season Opening Night

Looks like Basketball Prospetus has simulated the first three games of the night and has posted a game summary, boxscore, and advanced stats for each of the three games. Check it out……


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