The Dazzler Renamed & Moved

The Dazzler has been renamed to Stratometrics and has been moved to its own website at While Stratometrics will still maintain a limited subscription to articles including all past articles, the new site will focus on creating Total Card Value and Rating Guide files for each new season and for many past seasons for those in retro style leagues.

The Rating Guides include shot column calculations (either traditional or adjusted), points per pass numbers for halfcourt and fastbreak passing, total computer rebound numbers, games played, minutes per game, and other helpful ratings useful to quickly guage the strengths and weakness of each player. The Rating Guides will save time and help you maximize your rosters.  

The Total Card Value is a metric that attempts to measure the total value of a player’s card by taking into consideration all the card ratings and weighing them according to the frequency you would expect from the game engine during a full 48-minute game. Players are separated by position (RG, LG, RF, LF, C) since each position is referenced differently in the game engine. Howerver, the TCV’s are normalized by determining a Z-Score which allows comparison across each position. If you are looking to gain an edge over others in your leagues, the Total Card Values are a must!

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